LIC's Jeevan Mitra (Double and Triple Cover)

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Most of the Endowment plans of LIC are nothing but an extension of the Pure Endowment Plan (Table no 14).

Jeevan Mitra Double cover (Table no 88) and Triple Cover (Table no 133) plans are also no exceptions.

Apart from normal benefits of Endowment plan, they additionally provide double and triple S.A respectively on death.

Because of this premium rates are higher then Endowment plan.

Double and Triple Cover:

Double Cover(Table no 88)

Triple Cover(Table no 133)

Natural Death

2 x S.A + Bonus

3 x S.A + Bonus

Accidental Death

3 x S.A + Bonus

4 x S.A + Bonus

If double cover is opted then death benefit will be 2 times S.A + Bonus and additionally if accidental death covers also taken then it would be 3 times S.A + Bonus.

In the same way Triple cover offers three times S.A + Bonus for natural death and 4 times S.A for Accidental death.

Other plan parameter and benefits.

This is high risk plan and hence there is strict restriction for

Entry age as well as Minimum and maximum policy terms as compared to Endowment with profit plan.

Minimum entry age is 18 years and maximum is 50 years.

Minimum PPT is 15 and maximum is 30 years.

Minimum SA is 50,000 and max is No Limit.

Premium payment all Qly/Yly/H-ly/Mthly.

Loan benefit.

Eg: Following table will highlight the Maturity benefits for a healthy person of age 30 years and for term of 25 years.

Bonus rate for double cover and triple cover are different and Jeevan Mitra triple cover receives higher bonus (As per last valuation it is 50 V/S 48 Rs per 1000 S.A) compared to Jeevan Mitra doble cover.


5,00,000(Double Cover)

5,00,000(Triple Cover)

Yearly prm



Total Prm



Maturity Benefit.







FAB @ 550/1000



Total amount(apx.)



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