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“Return on the highest NAV”, this means let whatever be the final NAV of your fund is you will get the return based on the highest NAV, and this is what TATA AIG LIFE’s InvestAssure Apex ULIP plan guarantees you.

Let us review and analyze the detail.

How it works:

There are two investment funds available.

1) Apex Investment fund: Here initially the net premium is get invested.

It invests your money in the Debt instrument with no risk.

2) Apex Return Lock in Fund: Here investment is made in to the equity portfolio of large companies to generate capital appreciation and use high credit quality debt instrument to lock in that capital appreciation.

Apex return lock in fund is a unique fund with Guaranteed Maturity Unit Price (GMUP) recorded on the one hundred reset dates.

What are reset dates?

Reset dates are the 10th day of every calendar month.

The Guaranteed Maturity Unit price is the highest NAV recorded on these reset dates.

Other Features:

Min./Max. Entry age: 18/70 years.

Min. premium: Rs. 90,000.

Min./Max. SA: 5/60 times annualized premium.

Only annual premium mode allowed.

Premium can be reduced from second year.

Sum assured remain same even If premium gets reduced.

Premium needs to be paid for three years only.

With very high first premium restriction very few people are going to be attracted to this policy, however second year premium reduction without compromising on risk cover is a positive point here.


Policy can be surrendered after 3 years.

Surrender charge:

4th year: 10% of fund value.

5th year: 5% of fund value.

Nil for rest.

Partial withdrawal:

Partial withdrawal is allowed after 3 policy years. However one cannot withdraw money in access of 1 annualized premium, there is no partial withdrawal charges and one can withdraw money 4 times a year.

Death benefit:

Higher of SA (minus partial withdrawal) or the fund value (Apex investment fund + Apex return lock in fund).

Maturity benefit:

As promised you will get the higher of fund value of policy at applicable rates OR GMUP multiplied by number of units in lock in fund.


Allocation charge:

For first year it charges 9.50% and for rest 4% of premium paid.

Fund management charge:

0.95% for Apex investment and 1.45% for Apex return lock in fund.

Apart form this mortality charge would be deducted based on age and policy admin charge based on the year.


Except for the very high premium requirement this plan looks promising.

Charges are normal flexible premium reduction option and above all GMUP are the unique selling point of this plan.

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Bhargav said...

Current NAV for Apex Investment fund is 10.001(As on 12th March).
NAV for Apex return Lock in fund is not available yet may be as policy is new reset date is a bit away.

akash said...

Can u tell me the present NAV of this policy Invest Assure Apex?

LG said...

This has gone from 10.01 to 10.03 or something despite the market going from 10K to 15K during this interval...shocking !

So you end up sacrificing upside for guaranteed returns - the question is how much are you willing to sacrifice ?

The game really is about keeping the NAV low....else the fund gets rogered.

Bhargav said...

If this is the case then it's really shocking,

My understanding with the ULIP funds is that they takes time to pick up, i mean once it gets old NAV also increases rapidly(depending on market).

Readers please take a note of previous comment by LG before investing...

lalit said...

Hi! Thanks for the review of that policy as this helped me a lot. It was nice & very informative too. Have been searching for tutorials on how to plan for insurance according to my budget and needs... This tool came in handy too! Enjoy :)http://www.simpleinsurance.co.in

noluck said...

I did the grave mistake of investing in this fund. Markets have run up so much while this guys NAV is shockingly tottering. I need it to get to 11+ to just break even wrt to the fund charges.
I will strongly advice all not to go in for this or for that matter any NAV protection schemes. You will be better off putting your money in FDs.
As LG said above the game is all about keeping the NAV low !! Stay away.


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