LIC's Wealth plus: Review and Comparison

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It has been more then a year since Indian insurance industry came up with a revolutionary product which guarantees the highest NAV.

With popularity of Highest NAV ULIP’s finally LIC has launched Wealth plus.
There is nothing new in this product apart from the brand name of LIC and an extended insurance cover for 2 years, so this plan is strictly for those who wants surety of highest NAV and don’t want to take a risk of parking their money with private insurers.

Comparison of features with highest NAV products:
ICICI Pinncle
Bajaj Max Gain
LIC’s Wealth Plus
Min/Max Entry
8/60 years
8/65 years.
8/60 years
10/65 years
Max Maturity
70 years.
75 Years.
70 years.
75 years
3 or 5 year/10 years
3 Years./10 Years
7/10 years
3 or single/8 years
Min/Max Premium
50,000 yearly
50,000 yearly
25,000 PA/No limit
20,000 PA or 40,000 Single premium
Min/Max SA
5 times yearly premium
5 times yearly premium
5 times yearly premium
5 times yearly prem /1.25 times single premium
Entry premium is less compared to other ULIP and in addition to it there is a single premium option. Maturity amount is also paid at the end of the term which is 8 years.
After policy term an extended risk cover is provided for the next 2 years in which on death SA is paid to the nominee.
ICICI Pinncle
Bajaj Max Gain
LIC Wealth Plus
Allocation charge(% of premium)
15% 1st year, 5% thereafter.
14% first year, 4% 2nd year, 2% 3rd year.
For lower premium band it is 20% in 1st year, 6% in 2nd year, 3% in 3rd year, NIL therafter.
For lower price band 12% in 1st year. 2.5% thereafter.
5% for single premium.
Policy Admin. charge
Rs. 60 pm throughout term + Rs. 5 per year per thousand SA for first 3 years.
Only for 1st 3 years, between 0.40% to 0.60% pm of annual premium.
1.26% of First years SA perm month for entire term.
Rs. 60 pm for 1st year, Rs. 25 pm for 2nd year, 3% pa increase from 3rd year.
Fund. Mgt Charge
Between 0.25 to 1.50% pa
1.35% PA + 0.10% PA (for guarantee of highest NAV)
1.25% PA
1% pa
Surrender Charge
3rd Year: 9% , 4th Year: 2%, 5th Year + NIL
3rd Year: 4% , 4th Year: 2%, 5th Year + NIL
NIL allowed after completion of 3 year.
ICICI Pinncle
Bajaj Max Gain
LIC Wealth Plus
Highest NAV
For first seven years based on two reset dates each months.
First seven years based on daily NAV.
For entire term of 10 years based on daily NAV.
For 7 years based on daily NAV
Other addition
3% of fund value
% of Total Allocation charge(see below table.)
2 years extended risk cover where SA is paid in case of death.
Not much difference as far as highest NAV calculation is concerned, only notable thing is 2 years extended risk cover.
Here are once again links to highest NAV products.

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Vishnu said...

Gr8 comparison with other ULIP products..but Aren't we comparing poison with other poison.They are all costly products and Have hidden condition called 0% to 100% in Equity or debt fund? Whats yr call now?
All these Plans comes with WARNING of investment risk then what's meaning of highest NAV?

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