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I am not actively writing on my blog anymore but with new insurance policies coming in force from next year , I see this as a very important juncture where we can rewrite the rules. Insurance are being miss old in this country from many decades. One relative of mine who also happens to be an insurance agent has tried to sell policy as recently as last week with wrong promises and fabricated facts. If educated and knowledgeable person are vulnerable to miss selling of insurance products then the situation is darker for the average Indians. The positive aspect however is, unlike previous decades, people are keen to know about financial products now. With plenty of mediums available to spread the awareness, the onus of educating the people I firmly believe lies on those who are familiar with both positives and negative sides of these instruments.

With the help of this blog, I will try to provide comprehensive coverage of insurance products coming in force from next year.

Wishing everyone a very safe new year!

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